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Pam Wolf

I have always been a "foodie",
Following my mom around the kitchen while growing up, cutting recipes from magazines, open to trying anything and everything...

I love to cook. I love to eat.

I love turning any recipe into a vegan one,
and I love showing others how truly easy being vegan can be!

I am captivated by food and nutrition.

I keep up with the latest information on nutrition and health as much as possible, having learned to differentiate the facts, from the fads and the nuts.

I studied nutrition in college, along with public health, and restaurant management.

Yet, besides nutrition, health, and food service, college, and life itself, opened my eyes to a larger world, including; ethics, world hunger, our carbon footprint, animal welfare, etc..., how

everything we do has an impact on the planet and those on it,

and how what we put into our bodies has such an impact on our overall health and longevity!

Considering all that,
I became vegan.

I believe I can help anyone, who wants help, in becoming vegan.

or whom just wants help cutting back on meat and dairy, or needs advice regarding a friend or family member who is vegan...

vegan diet help

That's a vegan burger, by the way...

I am not going to preach to you about why you should be vegan. If you are here, you already know reasons to be.

I'm a nutritionist and cook, not a registered dietitian. I study nutrition, health, and food. If you have medical issues, you need to talk with a registered dietician or medical doctor. I will not take the place of either. I too am not a therapist.

What I am is someone who's been living it for over 25 years, who transitioned from carnivore, to vegetarian to vegan.

I'm someone who understands all sides of being a vegan and the difficulties for some in becoming one.

I can help you with pretty much anything and everything you need vegan wise...

tips, hints, attitude, suggestions, ideas, motivation, relationships, recipes, menu planning, whatever...

You want a hand,
you need a little help,
you have a question about something vegan....
here's my email...