vegan menu helpVegan Menu Help

Vegan Menu Help

Need ideas on what to serve?

Do you have a friend visiting who is vegan? or your daughter just announced she is now vegan and you could use some meal suggestions?

vegan menu help

Do you own a restaurant and want to improve upon your vegan menu options

but you need them to be of the same style and quality as the rest of your menu, and something even non vegans would love to order?

or do you do catering, and want to offer some really amazing vegan options?

Our experience is as a private vegan chef for nearly 15 years, and a vegetarian chef aboard a charter yacht, serving 12 - 50 people, for 10 years.

vegan diet help

We are experts at vegan cooking. We know what most people like and prefer. We can make it very easy on you, to help expand your cooking repertoire.

vegan brownie

Initial consultations and quick suggestions are free, or just a donation.
Experienced menu and restaurant help is available at a base rate starting at $20/hour.. depending on situation.

We can also open our kitchen to recipe testing and development for your specific recipes and menu ideas.

Pricing is subjective to time and availability, ingredients, etc....

Contact us for more information about your specific needs.

vegan shish kabobs on grill