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Vegan Recipe Help

There's millions of amazing vegan recipes out there.

Do a simple search and you can find them

vegan diet help

But you like your own recipes...

vegan diet help

or just don't want the hassle of searching and going through recipes...

We can help!

Send us a copy of the recipes you want veganized, or explain what you are looking for and we will give you some suggestions.

We live in amazing times regarding vegan food.

There are new and exciting vegan options being made available constantly. Whereas even today it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between many vegan and non vegan items.

vegan thai pasta

Most recipes can be made cholesterol free / vegan, and taste just the same, and often better!

But choosing the wrong substitution can make or break the recipe!

The right milk substitute, for example, makes a big difference!

vegan soy milk substitution

And with all the new meatless meats on the market, how do you know which ones really are good, without trying all of them?

There might be some new ingredients, like nutritional yeast, that you will need to learn, but I will include information about these items too, and where to find them.

vegan diet help

Just by turning a recipe vegan, or cholesterol free, almost always makes it healthier.

I will offer quick ideas for free, and just request a donation, if you are happy with the results...

100% of your donation goes to Save An Animal. A non profit animal welfare group in Maui Hawaii.

YOU can change your own recipes to be vegan too.

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I suggest visiting:

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There you will find an extensive list of substitutions, and how to change your own recipes into vegan recipes.

It's up to you...

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